Our Services

WHITE PINE ASSOCIATES provide consulting services that make a difference in the world.

Our clients are non-profit organizations, educational institutions, units of governments, agencies and businesses.

We help our clients to visualize the future clearly iand understand their needs, so projects and products can be developed in a cost-effective manner. We are committed to completing projects at or below estimated costs.

We consider long- term impacts before undertaking a project. We support the Native American principle of thinking ahead for seven generations, about 200 years.

We build trust with our clients by clearly communicating expectations and outcomes. We take a team approach and believe in the synergy that comes from brainstorming, collaborating and consensus building. Together, we achieve effective results.

We help our clients build lasting relationships with their network of partners. We have prepared successful grants valued at more than $1.5M. Our success rate is more than twice the national average.

Writing: grant seeking strategies, grant proposals, journal articles, outreach publications, technical reports

Planning: program development and project design, environmental education and training workshops

Researching: ecological inventories, natural resource surveys, field studies, historical documents